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December 10

Matrix Remodeling in Metabolic Health and Disease

Guest Chair Evangelia Bellas, Temple University

More about the topic: Matrix Remodeling in Metabolic Health and Disease' is an area that is not often highlighted in the Matrix Biology Community. Many of the current research areas often focus on matrix remodeling during development or after a trauma such as an infarction or wound healing. Metabolic diseases such as obesity for example, are heavily affected by the extracellular matrix. They involve the support cells, like stromal cells and macrophages, and are sensitive to some of the same pathways involved in wound healing and cancer, such as inflammation and hypoxia, in addition to pathological matrix remodeling.


Anthony Berger, Temple UniversityCollagen
Fiber Density Reduces Adipocyte Maturation
Vera Pieters, University of Toronto
A 3D in vitro model to study obesity-associated adipocyte fibrosis
Maria Gonzalez Porras, University of Texas San Antonio
The Thermogenic Capacity of Adipocytes Can Be Modulated By the Extracellular Matrix 


Katherine Cook, Wake Forest University
Early-life dietary exposures result in persistent gut microbiome alternations affecting visceral fat fibrosis and inflammation lasting into adulthood
Muthu Lakshmi Muthu, McGill University
Fibrillin-1 regulates adipogenic differentiation and adipose tissue homeostasis 
Mari T. Kaartinen, McGill University
Matrisome alterations in obesity - An adipose tissue transcriptome study on monozygotic weight-discordant twins



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