Come to St. Louis!  Join ASMB as a valued meeting partner.  There are many ways to participate at the meeting and to connect with attendees.  We value sponsorship at all levels.  If you can't exhibit in person, there are sponsorship options for you too! View the 2021 meeting prospectus for more information or email us for a conversation about sponsorship options. 

Who you will reach at this event:

ASMB: The American Society for Matrix Biology (ASMB) was founded in 2000 to increase awareness of the field of extracellular matrix (ECM) biology, to enhance ECM research, and to facilitate interactions among scientists and trainees, with the overall goal of furthering the application and translation of knowledge to impact human health. This field encompasses the structure and function of ECM components, the receptor-mediated interactions of these components with cells, how these interactions influence intracellular signaling and gene expression, the orderly progression of these processes during development, and the alteration of these processes in hereditary and acquired diseases, particularly in tissue injury, repair, oncogenesis, and aging. Hence, ECM biology and the 2021 ASMB meeting are clinically relevant to tissue engineering, stem cell biology, cancer, metastasis, metabolic processes, wound healing/fibrosis, and inflammation—factors pertinent to diseases across all organ systems.


ASMB theme and format: The focus of the 2021 meeting is Matrix, Cells, and Interactions in Health, Disease, Aging, and Regeneration. The program is comprised of member-developed Special Interest Sessions; Guest Society Symposia; Award presentations; five Plenary Sessions covering the Microenvironment, Model Organisms, Mechanotransduction, Metabolisms/Microbiome, and Tissue Regeneration/Stem Cells/Organogenesis; as well as Concurrent platform sessions complemented by Poster Sessions. There are also Career and Women Mentoring Women Breakfasts for ASMB trainees and young scientists. The venue in St. Louis has self-contained meeting space with ample room for informal socializing and discussions in proximity to the exhibit space.


Meeting Participants: The 2021 ASMB Biennial Meeting represents a unique opportunity for scientists and medical professionals working in research, clinical, and applied disciplines related to ECM biology to meet, present data, discuss, learn, and network. With the society’s non-profit focus on investigation and education coupled with the innovative and original program, attendance is expected to exceed 300 participants, including both ASMB members and non-members. Attendees include basic scientists, bioengineers, and clinician scientists, as well as scientists from the biotech industry, at all levels of career development. Expected participation by the International Society for Matrix Biology (ISMB), the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS), the Alport Syndrome Foundation, Matrix Biology Ireland, and the Histochemical Society will expand the reach of the meeting.


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